Searching for Contacts

Martin Drapeau
1 April 2020 2 min read

Many of you are starting to have a lot of lists, and a lot of contacts. So I’ve added search and filtering capabilities throughout. Anywhere there is a list of people you can search by:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile phone

Below are 3 typical situations where this could be useful.

Which list does the contact belong to?

On the Lists page you can easily find a contact in all the lists you have. Activity Messenger will show you those lists and allow you to open them.

Learn more about the types of Lists you can create in Activity Messenger.

Has someone unsubscribed to email or SMS?

Jump to the Unsubscribes page and use the search fields to find out. For example has Ron Weasley unsubscribed? Look him up.

Activity Messenger gives your users granular control over types of communications they receive.

For example Ron prefers getting marketing messages by email and class reminders/cancellations by SMS. Ron does not want to receive marketing messages via SMS.

Learn more about notification preferences by going to our Help portal.

Who has interest in a magic class?

Subscribers lists allow you to collect contacts for newsletters, for new class interest, and even to send out coupon codes. Now you can search in Subscribers lists. Find out if Draco has interest in that new Transfiguration class offered at Hogwarts.

These great improvements were inspired from conversations I had with customers. Join them in helping us build the best email and SMS messaging platform catered to you.


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