Media Gallery - Images & Youtube/Vimeo Videos

Martin Drapeau
27 January 2020 2 min read

Great news, there is a now a Media page in Activity Messenger!

The Media page holds images you’ve uploaded, as well as any Youtube/Vimeo video you have published. You can now easily attach them to emails and SMS you send. Gone are the days where you had to upload the same picture multiple times.

Picking From the Image Gallery

When you edit a template, you can now click on the Media button to pick existing image assets from your media gallery.

Youtube Videos

Connect your Youtube channel to make available all the videos you have published. Then, to send a Youtube video to a list of people, just click on the Media button to choose the video. Recipients will get a preview of the video and a link to open their Youtube app. Perfect for promotional videos.

Note: If you have Vimeo, it works the same way.


The Media page was inspired by existing cutomer needs. Signup and join them in helping me build the best email and SMS messaging platform catered to you.


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