How clients are maximizing Activity Messenger in 2022

Martin Drapeau
1 February 2022 2 min read

In 2021, Activity Messenger added many new features and improved existing ones. This has led many clients to adopt new ways of using the platform to improve communications, save time and increase revenue.

Here are 5 ways you can get more out of Activity Messenger!

1- Staff Onboarding

Focus on People, Not the Paperwork. Onboarding new staff members shouldn’t be so time consuming. Collect and store all employment forms and contracts you require with digital signatures. Available on our premium plan.

2- See who missed you email. Resend by SMS.

Participant missed your email? No problem. With the option to resend to people who have not opened your email, you can push SMS notifications to make sure everyone is up to date. Great for class cancellations and last minute reminders!

3- Take the guess work out of marketing your parties

Let us help you increase your birthday party bookings!
Automate a marketing outreach to go out 6-8 weeks before the child’s birthday. Simply upload a list with participants date of birth and our robot will do the rest! With the right timing, your organizations is top of mind when parents are thinking about what to do for their child’s birthday.

4- End of Session SurveyLooking for actionable insights and fresh perspectives? Automate end of session surveys to capture your customer experience. Customize surveys and ask the right questions at the right time.

Looking for actionable insights and fresh perspectives? Automate end of session surveys to capture your customer experience. Customize surveys and ask the right questions at the right time.

5- Payment forms

Rentals, Birthday parties and other payments are usually over-complicated in class management systems. Activity Messenger gives you the freedom to create unique forms for each payment type. Fast and Painless setup. Easy to create for you, frictionless for your clients.  No need to create an account or log-in to make a payment.

At Activity Messenger, we work hard to make everything simple to setup for you and reduce any friction for your clients.
Reply to this email if you think we can help you get started with any of these best practices.

–Martin & Olivier

Written by Martin Drapeau Martin is the former CTO of Amilia who for 6 years helped to build the company’s product, technology and team from 15 to 110 people.

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