Resending Unopened Emails

Martin Drapeau
31 August 2020 2 min read

With Fall registrations underway, you want ensure everyone receives your season registration emails. With back to school, we parents are very busy and emails often slip and don’t always get opened.

Fortunately, Activity Messenger tracks open rates. You know if someone has opened an email or not.

Now, you can resend the email to people who have not yet opened it. Remind them it is time to register quick before classes get filled up.

To resend an email, click on Messages, Go to all messages. Click to open the message you sent. Under the Analytics section, click on the Resend button. You have two options to resend the email:

  • To someone else
  • To recipients who have not yet opened the email

Click on the second option and you’ll be redirected to the New Message page. It will be pre-configured and ready to go. You can even schedule the email to be sent at a later date or time.

Written by Martin Drapeau Martin is the former CTO of Amilia who for 6 years helped to build the company’s product, technology and team from 15 to 110 people.

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