Sending Operational or Non-Marketing Emails

Martin Drapeau
7 July 2020 2 min read

Activity Messenger is built to send both marketing and non-marketing messages by email and text message.

Marketing messages in Sport & Leisure can be program information or promoting an event. Non marketing or operational emails can be reminders, cancellations, invoicing, waivers and security-related messages.

In order to comply with the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the United-States’ CAN-SPAM Act, and yet allow you to send non-marketing messages, Activity Messenger implements a two-level unsubscribe mechanism. One for marketing communications and another for operational or non-marketing communications.

How to unsubscribe

Every email includes a footer with your name, address, contact information, and an unsubscribe link. The recipient can click on that link to unsubscribe. They will be presented with this screen:

The recipient can choose to receive marketing material via email, text message or not at all. He or she can also choose to receive operational messages by text message.

A recipient cannot refuse to receive operational emails related to their purchases (i.e. cancellations or reminders). Hence that option is always on.

Sending non-marketing emails

When you create a message, you can decide to send a non-marketing or an operational email. That option is available via the Advanced option switch.

Activity Messenger will ignore the marketing unsubscribe list when sending the email. You can be sure every recipient will get the email.

Note: When you send a waiver, Activity Messenger automatically toggles the communication type to non-marketing.

Tracking the type of communication

In Sent messages, you can always see if an email or SMS was intended for marketing or for operations.

Many thanks to Scott from Sportball Atlantic for his help. He was instrumental in making sure these options are clear and visible throughout the platform.

Become an Activity Messenger customer and join him in helping me build the best Sport & Leisure communication platform.


Written by Martin Drapeau Martin is the former CTO of Amilia who for 6 years helped to build the company’s product, technology and team from 15 to 110 people.

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