Using Your Own From Email Address

Martin Drapeau
23 March 2020 2 min read

Fully white label email messages by sending emails from @yourdomain. Recipients will then receive emails from instead of the default

Activity Messenger implements the DKIM authentication method to certify that email messages you send with are from you.

Email Headers

When you receive an email, your email client tells you who it comes from. This is set in the email header entitled From and usually includes a name and email address. The email also contains an email header called Reply-To which can be different. As its name implies, replies to the email are sent to that address.

In Gmail if you click on Details you will see something like this:

From: Ringetters <>

Email clients like Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook verify that the email originated from If not, the email is marked as spam and gets put in your junk folder.

DomainKeys Identified Email (DKIM)

DKIM is an email authentication method to verify that an email with From really came from you. DKIM detects forged sender addresses in emails (spoofing). DKIM helps to prevent phishing and email spam.

How does DKIM work?

DKIM uses cryptography and Domain Name System (DNS) records.

You first configure to store a public key in its DNS records. When Activity Messenger sends an email from, it will affix a digital signature encrypted with a private key. When an email client like Gmail and Outlook receives an email from @yourdomain, it will verify the signature against the public key published on your domain’s DNS record. The email is legitimate if they match.

How to configure DKIM for your domain?

Activity Messenger makes it easy to configure DKIM for your domain. Go to the page Set your From Email page and enter your domain address. Activity Messenger will generate the DKIM DNS records to add to your domain. You can download a CSV file to send to your web administrator. If you have access to your domain’s DNS records, you can do it yourself.

Once DKIM DNS records are in place, you can specify From email addresses you want to use. Activity Messenger will verify each email by sending you a confirmation email.

From email addresses will then be available for you to use in any email you send.

Written by Martin Drapeau Martin is the former CTO of Amilia who for 6 years helped to build the company’s product, technology and team from 15 to 110 people.

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