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Import CSV Simplified

  • Make it easy to import name, email and mobile in CSV format.
  • Validate the email and mobile numbers.
  • Gracefull with warnings and errors - without blocking user.

Status: Done

List building with Amilia

  • For organizations that already have Amilia, allow connecting via the API in a seamless way.
  • Allow creating lists from existing programs, categories, sub-categories and activities.
  • Detect duplicates and don't import them.
  • Flag bad or missing emails/mobile numbers. Don't block the user.
  • Allow filtering on age, gender, birthday and child/account owner.
  • Keep the list live - automatically update when registrations/cancellations happen, and when peopel update their names, numbers and emails.
  • Ability to combine multiple programs, add/remove from multiple programs/categories/subcategories/activities. For example give me all touch football participants in 2018, that are not in fall season 2019, so I can market to them.

Status: Done

Send SMS

  • Send to an individual number or logged in user (self).
  • Send to a list previously built.
  • Track delivery rates.
  • Forward replies to the administrator. For example if Josée sends a message to 5 people, and one replies, the reply is forwarded to Josée's mobile phone.
  • Options to send a text message that the customer cannot reply to.
  • Options to respond with an auto-reply message.
  • Option to see text message replies in the Activity Messenger dashboard. This will come with Surveys in 2020.

Status: Done

Send Email

  • Send to an individual email or logged in user (self).
  • Send to a list previously built.
  • Track delivery rates.
  • Track bounces and complaints.
  • Allow admin to send to either SMS or Email or both.

Status: Done.

Blacklist & Unsubscription Management

The ability to identify and correct invalid numbers or bounced emails.

  • Flag invalid numbers.
  • Skip flagged invalid numbers.
  • Flag bounced/complaint emails.
  • Skip flagged emails.
  • Show list of bad numbers and bad emails.
  • Allow admin to remove someone from the blacklist
  • Let recipients decide how to be contacted: by text message or email or none.

Status: Done

Landing Pages & Attachments

  • Allow attaching a longer message, documents, calendar, HTML, etc.
  • Add a short link on the SMS the user can click on. Will open a Landing Page.
  • Allow putting any HTML on that page.
  • Allow sending YouTube and Vimeo videos directly embedded in the text message.
  • Allow sending pictures and images in text messages and emails.

Status: Done

Schedule Send Outs

  • Allow setting a schedule for a send-out.
  • Notify admin after the send out.

Status: Done.


Combined Lists

  • Ability to combine multiple lists. For example an Amilia list and a CSV list.
  • Ability to remove people from a list.

Status: Done.

Email Marketing and Newsletters

  • Ability to create beautiful emails for newsletters to replace Mailchimp and Constant Contact.
  • Send by email or SMS. Your choice.
  • Track open and click rates.
  • Capture leads with an embedded form on your webpage.

Status: Done.

Surveys by SMS and email

  • Options to send a text message with a set of possible responses, for example, Y or N. Those that sent “Y” (yes) back to us get grouped and sent a separate text from those that respond with “N”.

Status: Started.

Landing Pages & Attachments Enhancements

  • Attach a calendar from the Amilia activity, automatically by detecting the list

Status: Note started.

Other Integrations

Are you working with Jackrabbit, The Studio Director, iClassPro, Uplifter or any other registration platform? Contact us - we can help.

Mail Outs and Labels

Let's face it, snail mail is still valuable today. Since you built that list with Activity Messenger, mind as well let you generate and print labels from it. We allow you to print labels that include names, age, addresses and whatever else you keep in your registration software.