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Shelbi Snodgrass - Oct 14 2023

This session explores foundational aspects of psychological preparation for coaches entering their competitive season. Topics include: coach well-being, boundary setting, and intentional communication with athletes. 

Momona Komagata - Oct 14 2023

NHP Judge Momona Komagata takes you through the details of all the updates to the CCP Code of Points through October 1 2023.

Justin Schubert - Oct 14 2023

GymBC Safety Officer Justin Schubert covers topics like what coaches should be documenting and reporting, what a complaint process would look like, the line between pushing athletes to reach their goals and abuse, and more.

Momona Komagata and Aidan Muth - Setp 24 2023

NHP Judge Momona Komagata and Professional Choreographer Aidan Muth provide tips on how to develop choreography and artistry in WAG athletes.

Adriana Schemel, Jennifer Dober, and Jesse Jakins - November 23 2022

Adriana, Jennifer, and Jesse provide a refresher webinar on the wide variety of written and unwritten rules and expectations while out on the Field of Play.

Shelbi Snodgrass - November 20 2022

Shelbi is a Mental Performance Consultant who works with Team BC (multisport). This webinar session focused on Canada Winter Games information and preparation tips.

Gordon Bennett, Momona Komagata, Adriana Schemel, Sydney Turner - November 20 2022

These 4 judges will provide information about judging, talk about some judging myths and hidden deductions and lead a Q&A.

Allison Forsyth - November 20 2022

As one of the most recognized experts in Canadian Safesport, Allison Forsyth presents on Safe Sport and focus on educating the athletes and providing resources that are available if needed. 

Jorie Janzen - November 20 2022

In this webinar Jorie Janzen leads a cook-along from the perspective of a registered dietician. The ingredient list can be found here: Cook-Along Recipes and Ingredients.

Kelsey Hindmarch - November 20 2022

Kelsey was recently Team BC’s physio at Canadians Championships and is an ex-gymnast herself. This webinar is a more practical/movement based session focused around introducing some breathing, abdominal control and pelvic floor concepts.

Pat Byrne - November 20 2022

Pat’s clients have included the US Department of Defense, Harvard Medical School, leading sports teams in the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLS as well as National Olympic Committees. He presented on recovery, preparation, and travel.

Laura-Ann Chong - November 20 2022

Laura-Ann, Olympian & former NCAA gymnast, works in social media and public relations and will talk about social media usage as an athlete, both from a safety standpoint and to leverage a following for recruitment purposes.

Kaitlynn Ellis - October 29 2022

This webinar is an overview of all the changes in the 2022-2026 Xcel Program Code of Points.

Momona Komagata - October 22 2022

This webinar is an overview of all the changes in the 2022-2026 Canadian Competitive Program Code of Points.

Jared Goad - October 5 2022

This webinar introduces a variety of technical takeaways from the 2022 USAG National Congress in Tampa, Florida.

Tiz Clive - October 2 2022

This webinar walks coaches through the steps to introduce weight training safely to athletes at all ages and stages.

Jesse Jakins - September 23 2022

This webinar explores the many ways coaches can use planning to improve their lessons, as well as identifying key areas of focus when planning.

Bobbie Worrall - September 20 2022

This webinar explains all the details of the 2021-2022 GymBC Coach Mentorship Pilot Program.

Gymnastics BC - Screening Policy Q&A Session

This recording discusses the new Screening Policy, effective January 1, 2023.