Staff, users and permissions

Activity Messenger allows you to manage your staff: employees and volunteers. You can centralize tasks such as recruiting, onboarding and training. You can build a profile for each staff using forms. Activity Messenger can become your staff database. Thanks to forms and messaging, Activity Messenger can keep track of formal communications with your staff.

With a user account, you may grant staff access to Activity Messenger to consult forms, track attendance and send messages. Control the access level with different permissions.

Click on the Staff menu and choose Staff and users. You will land on this page:

This table lists staff and users. The Permission column indicates whether a staff has a user account and access to your organization. The Forms column lists staff forms that were filled by that person. You can also add extra columns sourced from staff form questions and answers. Clicking on a row will open the staff's profile and allow you to modify it along with the user's permission.

# Adding a new staff member and/or user

To add a new staff, click on the (+) button and choose "Add a staff member". Checkout the help page Staff profile and forms to find out more.

To add a new user, click on the (+) button and choose "Add a user". Checkout the help page Users and permissions to find our more.

Only users with permission level "Account owner" can add staff, view/modify the staff profile and view staff forms and columns.

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