Sending messages by SMS and email

Activity Messenger is built to send SMS and email. You choose which to send.

The Messages page contains the list of send-outs you have made. Consult the help page on Tracking sent messages for more information.

Click on the (+) button to create a new message. Choose whether you want to send a message by SMS or email or both.

# Sending a message to yourself

The best way to get started is to send yourself a message by choosing "Myself" in the "To:" field. Type in your message and click Send. Look at your mobile phone for the SMS and your email inbox for the email.

You may decide to adjust the SMS reply and email branding options. Consult the Organization and Brand Information help page for details.

# Sending a message to a list of participants

Set the "To:" option to "List" and choose the list you want to send a message to. Activity Messenger will show you the number of valid recipients in the list, and at the bottom, an estimate of the cost.

Note: The Cost is an estimate based on valid emails and mobile phone numbers found in the list you selected. The real cost will be determined when the message is sent.

# Sending to both parents or to both contacts

If your recipients are children, you can send the email/SMS to both parents. Activity Messenger will take the second parent (second legal guardian in Amilia) from the account. This works both for Upload Excel/CSV and Amilia lists.

If you recipients are adults and your list is of type Upload Excel/CSV, you can also send an email to the second contact you imported. Toggle the "Send to both parents" option to do that.

# CC (Carbon Copy)

You can send a copy of the message to a list of users. Click on the CC option and choose the list of users.

Note: Not all placeholders are available to CCed users. Account owner, participant and children information will be empty. Activity and Zoom information will however be available.

# SMS options

SMS are always sent from Activity Messenger's own phone numbers (for instance 438-792-8666). You may however decide to forward participant replies to your organization mobile phone, or your own by changing the "Reply to:" option.

More "Reply to:" options are also available. For instance you may decide not to reply to messages or specify an auto-reply message. Consult the Organization and Brand Information help page for details.

# Email options

Unless you have set up the From email address to send from your domain, emails are always sent from Activity Messenger's email. Participants however will see your organization name.

You can set the "Reply to:" email address either to your organization's or to your own.

# Communication type

Activity Messenger manages two levels of unsubscribes: marketing and non-marketing. When you send a message, you can indicate the type of communication. Choosing non-marketing will ensure that people who have unsubscribed from marketing emails will still get the message.

# Message format and length

If you are sending an SMS, messages are limited to 290 characters. The message will automatically be truncated. Emails have no restrictions in length. You can safely use emoticons in messages.

# Attaching a link to a web page to a message

Should you want to include a link to your website or any web page, Activity Messenger allows you to attach an link. Text and email message will contain a "" short link. When the participant clicks on the shortened link, they will be redirected to the link you specified.

Note: Domain is Activity Messenger's own URL shortener website. Links sent by SMS are shortened because SMS message length is limited to 160 characters. Activity Messenger reserves 25 characters to attach a link. There are 290 characters left for your message.

# Sending a YouTube or Vimeo video by SMS/email

Activity Messenger allows you to send a YouTube or Vimeo video. Simply paste the share link provided by either platform. Activity Messenger will send a thumbnail of the video along with a link to watch it. On a mobile phone this link will open the YouTube or Vimeo application.

If you linked your Youtube or Vimeo accounts, a Media button will be available. Click on it to choose a video you have published on either platform.

# Use and adapt a template

You can use an existing template and adapt it for this one-time message. Choose your template and click on View and edit. Modify the message and click on Save and hide to send your message.

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