Managing notifications (for recipients)

Activity Messenger allows you, the participant or parent, to unsubscribe to SMS and/or email notifications. Subscriptions are per organization. If for example you receive notifications from your skating club and gymastics club, you may decide to unsubscribe to SMS notifications for skating yet keep them for gymnastics.

In addition, you may want to only receive class reminders/cancellations but not program information (marketing) emails. Activity Messenger allows you to do so.

Activity Messenger abides by the laws governing electronic messages in Canada and the United States. You can read more about the rules here. In short an organization must have obtained your consent to send you messages, and it must give you means to unsubscribe.

If you received an email or SMS from Activity Messenger, it was on behalf of an organization who obtained your consent when you registered or subscribed to one of their activities or services.

Activity Messenger gives you different ways to manage notifications sent by those organizations.

# Managing notifications from an email message

When an organization sends you an email from Activity Messenger, you can click on the "Manage notifications" link in the footer of the email. You will land on a page where you can choose the best channel to notify you. You may decied to receive SMS but not email notifications or vice versa.

You cannot unsubscribe from receiving operational emails. By doing business with an organization you give consent to receive important information by email with regards to the product or service they purchased. This includes reminders, cancellations, invoicing and security.

# Managing notifications from a text message

Activity Messenger sends text messages from the number 438-792-8666. If you received a text message from that number, it came from an organization using Activity Messenger.

You can reply with the word "STOP" to to no longer receive SMS notifications from that number. To subscribe again you must send back the word "START".

Note that sending the word STOP will prevent any organization from sending you messages by SMS. It will also block both reminders/cancellations and promotion information text messages. To have a granular control, you must use the link in the email/landing page footer instead.

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