List management

Activity Management offers you a complete contact/participant list management solution. You can:

  • Upload a large CSV file. From MailChimp for example. Activity Messenger allows you to map columns. No Excel manipulation required.
  • Type in your contacts. Useful for maintaining a list of adhoc contacts, or pasting data from Excel.
  • Import participants/members from Amilia. Activity Messenger is directly connected to Amilia. Just choose your programs, activities or memberships and the system will import them automatically.
  • Subscribers list. Collect emails and mobile phone numbers from a landing page.
  • Waivers list. Collect consent, emails and mobile phone numbers from participants in your programs and activities.
  • Combined master list. Add contacts from one list, and remove contacts from another. Combinations are limitless.

# Recipients: name, mobile number and email

In Activity Messenger, a recipient is someone who will receive an email or text message. They can be contacts from email marketing platforms like MailChimp or participants from registration platforms like Amilia.

A recipient has a name, a mobile phone number and an email address. These attributes are optional however you must at least provide a valid telephone number or valid email address.

Activity Messenger validates every mobile phone number and email address you input. In addition, the system ensures you never send the same email/SMS message twice to the same person.

# Creating a new list

Click on the Lists menu and Create new list option. You will be presented with this form. Give your list a name, a description and choose the type of list.

Jump to the respective help pages for more detail.

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