Building a list of athletes from Uplifter

Activity Messenger allows you to import a list of athletes, registered classes and their contact information from Uplifter. Activity Messenger automatically imports athlete name, date of birth, parent and guardian names, emails and mobile phone numbers, category and class name.

From Uplifter, export the Athletes Registered Class report to Excel. In Activity Messenger, click on the Lists menu and choose Create. Give your list a name and choose Uplifter Athletes List. Click on Create.

Click on Import. A popup will open. Upload the Excel file you exported from Uplifter. Activity Messenger will automatically detect columns and import all athletes.

Download a sample Excel file.

The Activity column will contain the Registered Class SKU. The Custom column will contain the Category.

# Filtering athletes by Uplifter class or category

You can filter by Class and by Category by changing the Activity and Custom dropdowns, respectively.

# Refreshing the athletes list

To refresh the list from a new export, repeat the import step. This time check the Replace checkbox.

# Modifying Uplifter athlete information

You can click on any row to modify the contact information of an athlete. You can also remove an athlete by clicking on the X.

We do recommend you avoid doing this. Instead, it is best to update the contact information in Uplifter and re-import the Excel to refresh the list.

# Sending an email or an SMS to an Uplifter class

Click on New message to send an email or an SMS to the list. You can send to only one class via the Activity dropdown. You can even send the email or text message to both parents.

You can use placeholders {Account owner first name}, {Child/children first name(s)} to let Activity Messenger replace the athlete and parent name. You can use the {Activity} placeholder to replace the Class name, and the {Custom} placeholder to replace the Category.

# Scheduling an email or an SMS to an Uplifter class

You can schedule a message to go out to a class on a specific day and at a specific time. Create a message, choose the class and click on Schedule. Choose the dates and times to send your message.

Scheduling a message is a great way to send a reminder before a class. For example a waiver that must be signed.

# Birthday wish automation

With your Uplifter athlete list imported, you can automate Happy Birthday wishes and even invite parents to rent your facility. Activity Messenger can send an email (or a text message) a number of days before the child's birthday. Go to Happy Birthday Wishes Automation to find our more.

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