Building a list of participants, members or multipass holders from Amilia

Activity Messenger fully integrates with Amilia. Once connected, you avoid handling Excel and CSV files altogether. Activity Messenger pulls participants from activities, members from memberships and holders of multipasses directly using the Amilia API.

To connect Activity Messenger to Amilia, follow this guide.

Create a new list and choose "Amilia Programs" to import participants from activities, "Amilia Memberships" to import members from memberships, or "Amilia Multipass" to import holders of multipasses.

Once your list is created you will be presented with a screen consisting of a panel and a table. The left panel contains import settings and filtering settings. The table on the right contains recipients you have imported. They can either be the participant/member, or in the case of children, the account owner.

# Importing from a program

In the left panel choose the program to import. Then choose the activities. You may select multiple categories, subcategories or individual activities. There is no limit as to the granularity of your selection.

Once your selection is made, click on Save and participants will appear in the table.

# Importing from multiple programs

You can combine participants from multiple programs. You can even filter out participants from another program or other activities. Use the two buttons below to add and remove participants.

For example, say you wanted to send a message to players from last season that did not come back this season. You can do exactly that:

# Import cancelled registrations

You can import participants who have cancelled from a class. Toggle the Cancelled switch. Activity Messenger will find cancelled registrations.

# Importing from memberships

Importing from memberships presents a similar interface. In the left panel you can selected multiple memberships. Specify for each the membership status to filter on before the import:

  • Active: Import members that have an active membership on this day.
  • Inactive: Import members who's membership is expired on this day.
  • Expired: Import members who's membership has expired on a specific date.

In the right panel are displayed members with the expiration date of their membership. You can sort rows by expiration date.

# Importing members with expired memberships

Activity Messenger makes it easy to filter members based on the date of expiration of their membership. This is useful for example to find all members that need to renew their membership in May 2020.

Choose the membership and set the filter to Expired. A date range picker will appear. Select the month of May. The right panel will only show members who's membership expires in May.

# Importing holders of multipasses

Importing from multipasses presents the same interface as memberships. In the left panel you can select multiple multipassses, and specify for each the multipass status to filter on before the import. The right panel shows the multipass holders.