Building a list of participants from Amilia

Activity Messenger fully integrates with Amilia. Once connected, you avoid handling Excel and CSV files altogether. Activity Messenger pulls participants directly from Amilia the API.

Create a new list and choose "Amilia Live List". Once your list is created you will be presented with a screen consisting of a panel and a table. The left panel contains import settings and filtering settings. The table on the right contains recipients you have imported. They can either be the participant, or in the case of children, the account owner.

# Importing from a program

In the left panel choose the program to import. Then choose the activities. You may select multiple categories, subcategories or individual activities. There is no limit as to the granularity of your selection.

Once your selection is made, click on Save and participants will appear in the table.

# Importing from multiple programs

You can combine participants from multiple programs. You can even filter out participants from another program or other activities. Use the two buttons below to add and remove participants.

For example, say you wanted to send a message to players from last season that did not come back this season. You can do exactly that:

# Filtering participants based on age, birthday or gender

You may want to build a list of birthdays for the month of December. And maybe even have a list of boys and another of girls. Activity Messenger pulls age and gender from Amilia to allow you to filter.

Click on the Filtering tab and those options will be shown to you.

Note: Age and gender are never stored in Activity Messenger. We show that information only to allow you to filter.

# Account owner vs participant

Amilia uses family accounts. The account owner is usually the parent registering their children; the participants. Children always inherit the email and mobile phone number of the account owner. Adult participants however may be different than the account owner (i.e. spouse) in which case the email and mobile phone number of the participant is taken.

Activity Messenger allows you to target the participant or account owner. Changing this option may change the name, email and mobile in the table. However the age and gender is always that of the participant - not the account owner.

# Viewing and exporting participants

Participants will appear in the table on the right. We show you the name, mobile phone number, email, gender, age, birthday and whether the participant is a child or an adult.

You may export the entire list in CSV format (or to copy to Excel) by clicking on the disk icon.

Note: Age and gender are never stored in Activity Messenger. We show that information only to allow you to filter.

# Phone number and email validation

Activity Messenger validates phone numbers and emails automatically. It will flag in orange numbers that are missing or invalid. It will still import those participants.

Activity Messenger will not send emails to invalid emails, or send text messages to invalid messages.

If a duplicate is found (i.e. two family members are registered), Activity Messenger will flag the entire row in red. It will not import that participant. You can be sure not to send the same message more than once to a parent.

# Family account information

Activity Messenger will import family account information from Amilia. If participants are children, a blue badge will appear showing the number of children found in the list for the account owner. Both the account owner and their children will be imported. You can click on the row to expand and see this information.

Family account information can then be used to personalize email/SMS messages and templates with placeholders. Consult the documentation page Personalizing email/SMS messages with placeholders for more information.

# Making corrections and refreshing the list of participants

Corrections should always be done at the source - in Amilia. Once corrections are made, simply revisit the list and you will see those changes. Click on Save to update recipients in Activity Messenger.

# Syncing list with Amilia

When you schedule messages, Activity Messenger will synchronize the list 30 minutes before the send-out. Activity Messenger will pull in new participants from Amilia, and changes to email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

You can perform the sync manually. Click on the sync button. A popup will tell you when the next planned sync will happen. It will also show a log of prior syncs.

# Amilia field mapping

Activity Messenger will pick up the email and phone number from forms in Amilia. In Clients, under an account, these fields Email and Cellular are imported:

In the checkout, fields Email and Cellular are taken from the account owner form:

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