Activity Messenger lets you create a microsite; a mini website where you can host content, forms and videos. Your microsite contains two portals: one for clients, and another for staff. Each portal can have multiple pages you can freely edit.

The Client portal can contain class schedules, registration forms, event ticket sales, etc. It also has a My account page for your clients to access their account.

The Staff portal is dedicated to staff and volunteers. It can be used to recruit and onboard new staff members, schedule staff and volunteers, create a video training area and collect timesheets.

You can switch from one portal to the other by clicking on the dedicated link at the bottom of the side panel.

To access either, click on the Microsite menu.

# Designing your microsite

Click on Design mode. The side navigation will have buttons for you to manage pages. You can add pages and reorder them.

Click on a page menu to reveal options:

You can perform the following actions on a page:

  • Edit the page properties such as the name and permissions
  • Print a QR code to post on a wall. Your clients will be able to scan the code with their smartphone to access the page.
  • Embed the page on your website. Only the page content (right) will be included. The side panel will not.
  • Add a new page above, below or as a child of this page.


# Page properties

Each microsite page has its own properties including the page title, access permissions and unique URL.

A page has 3 access permissions:

  • Public: The page is publicly accessible by everyone. The side navigation includes a link to access the page.
  • Admin: The page is only visible to administrators. The side navigation does not include a link to access the page publicly.
  • Hidden: The page is publicly available only to people who have a direct link to the page. The navigation does not include a link to the page.

In addition to those permission levels, pages can be password protected. You can toggle that option and type in a password. People without the password will not be able to access the page.

Microsite pages have unique URLs. Feel free to copy the link and put on your website or share with anyone needing access to the page.

# Page content

A page consists of blocks. You can edit, duplicate, remove and add blocks via the block menu. You can also drag and drop blocks to reorder them.

# Blocks

Click on (+) to add a new block. A popup will show you types of blocks available:

Available blocks are:


# Tiles, cards and layout

Blocks come in 2 flavors: tiles or cards. Both contain optional sections: image, rich text and a button. Tiles blend in on your page. Cards have a white background with rounded corners.

Block height is automatically adjusted based on the content. The width of a block can be adjusted to be a percentage of a wide screen (desktop or landscape table). Possible values are 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75% or 100%. Blocks can also span an entire row, or be inline. Blocks that span a full row can be justified left, center or right.

The layout is responsive meaning on smaller screens, rows of blocks will collapse to retain legibility. On smartphones, the side panel disappears. Navigation is ensured by a mobile drop-down menu and breadcrumbs located at the top of the page.