Classes and events

Activity Messenger allows you to sell simple classes and events. It is a full replacement to Eventbrite and a complement to your existing Registration system. Classes and events are sold using Payment forms and automatically create Attendance lists. It only takes 5 minutes to create a registration form. The back-office is created for you on the fly.

# Managing classes and events

Click on E-Commerce and choose Classes/events. The list of classes and events will be displayed. You can organization them with tags. This allows you to easily manage a large volume of classes or events. You can also reorder them.

Classes and events are usually created when you are building a Payment form. Modifying a class/event here may impact forms that are selling it. You may also create classes and events from this screen and link to them from any payment form. This allows you to sell a same class at different price points.

# Modifying a class or event

Click on a class or event to modify it. A window opens allowing you to modify different attributes.

Classes can have a maximum number of participants. Leave blank if there is no limit.

A class or event can have one or multiple dates. Click on the (+ Add) button to create a recurrence. The system will try to repeat the recurrence pattern for you.

Your class/event can be at a location. You can either create one on the fly, or link to an existing location resource.

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