Activity Messenger Forms is Google Forms built for Sports & Leisure.

Activity Messenger has a full form engine allowing you to create waivers, surveys, registration forms and subscription forms. We provide you with these features:

  • Forms are HTML pages optimized for smartphones and tablets but work just as well on desktop computers.
  • Forms support an unlimited number of questions. You can reorder questions.
  • Forms have unique shareable URLs. You can add buttons on your website to point to them.
  • Forms have unique QR codes that you can print and post on your walls. Clients can use their smartphone cameras to scan and access the form.
  • Forms can also be sent by email or text message. They will be pre-filled with the name, email and mobile phone number of the recipient. By creating a message template, you can attach multiple forms to an email or text message.
  • Filled forms are collected and kept in Activity Messenger.
  • With powerful search and filtering options you can group answers by class. You can even identify who in a class has not filled a form or waiver.
  • Forms are saved in PDF documents and sent to the respondent after they have filled it for their records.
  • A form can be filled multiple times by a respondent. Activity Messenger keeps the full history of filled forms for each person.
  • Forms may have an electronic signature.
  • You can export filled forms to Excel.

# Manage forms - searching and permissions

From the Forms menu, choose Manage forms to access the list of forms. You can search a form by name, filter forms by type and by tag. You can lookup a respondent by name, email or mobile.

# Filled forms

From the Forms menu, choose Filled forms to access a feed of the latest forms filled by your clients. Easily find all forms a client has filled by using their name, email or mobile phone number. You can even search by child name or second parent name.

The feed can be filtered by date range. For example you can find all forms filled on a certain day. Useful for COVID-19 daily screening for example.

This screen is responsive and built to work well on smartphones, allowing your staff to easily verify that someone has filled in a form.

# Creating a form

To create a form, click on Forms, Create. You can use one of the samples, or create one from scratch by providing a name, an optional description and the type of form to create. Choose Smart Form to have full flexibility.

# Designing your form

Click on the Form tab to design your form. A form consists of questions vertically stacked. Click on (+) to add a new question. You can drag and drop to reorder questions. You can duplicate existing questions or remove them.

# Question types

Activity Messenger provides you with many types of questions including input boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, electronic signature, etc. There are also Person and Children questions to capture information about participants, members or patrons.

# Respondent question

A new form always contains a Respondent question (the Respondent is also called the Account Owner). Click to edit the question options. You can decide which information to capture.

# Yes/No question

The Yes/No question shows 2 radio buttons allowing the respondent to answer Yes or No to a question. Activity Messenger counts Yes and No responses and reports them in the Respondents table. This also works in conjunction with Attendance tracking to automatically check if a form was filled.

# Hidden question (or admin note)

You can add a hidden question or admin note. It will be visible to admins (shown in orange) but hidden to clients. Use the Administrator question.

After a form is filled, you can modify the answer in the Respondents table.

# Upload images

You can ask respondents to upload images. For example a photo of a document.

With the ability to text the form to parents, nothing is easier. Using their smartphone they can both take a picture of the documents and fill in the form at the same time.

# Upload video

If you have auditions, you can ask respondents to upload a video. As for images, videos can be filmed and uploaded directly from a smartphone.

# Creating custom placeholders from form questions

Activity Messenger forms allow you to create your own mini client databases. Each question becomes a column in your database.

You can batch-email or batch-text respondents and insert information your have captured in those emails. To do so, edit your form question and assign it to a placeholder.

The placeholders you create will be available in any email or SMS you write. Click on the placeholder button. Form placeholders will be available under the Form section.

# Confirmation

The Confirmation tab allows you to configure the message shown to the respondent once the form is filled. Activity Messenger provides a default message. You can customize it.

You can even replace your organization logo with an image.

Click on the edit icon to customize the message. You can even insert links to other forms or PDF documents you have uploaded. You can use this option to invite the respondent to fill in another form or go elsewhere to complete a registration process.

# Options

The Options tab allows you to configure PDF generation, language preference, email confirmation and staff notifications.

After the respondent fills the form, they will receive an email. If you toggled the PDF generation, the form they have filled will be attached as a PDF. They can keep that for their records.

If you have bilingual forms, create two versions. For example one in French and another in English. In the communication section, set the form language. Make sure to update the confirmation email to the proper language as well.

You and your colleagues can get notified by email when a form is filled. You can specify the users that will receive the notification. The email will contain the PDF as attachment (if it was generated).

# Sharing the form

Click on Share the form. A popup will appear give you 4 options. You can copy the unique and shareable link of the form to put on your website. You can send the form by email and/or text message. You can embed it on your website. Finally you can print a QR code and post it on a wall for people to fill in the form in person.

If you choose to embed on your website, you can either place the form on a page using an IFRAME, or you can embed a button that opens the form in a popup. Copy the respective HTML code to embed on on your website.

To embed this form on your website you must first set the URL of your organization. Click on the organization menu () and Modify information. Your website must be secured and start with https.

The button with popup option requires JavaScript. Some sites like Wix do not allow that. Embed directly in the page using an IFRAME if that's the case.

# Testing the form

Click on Visit the form. It will open in another browser tab. You can fill in the form. After submission, you will receive a copy of the PDF by email. Go to the Respondents tab and click on Refresh (). You will see yourself in the list. Click on the row to view the questions and answers, and even download the PDF document.

# Reporting

Filled forms are reported on screen under the Respondents tab. You can also download the list of respondents to Excel.

Note: Activity Messenger uses the email address to identify a respondent.

Click on a respondent to obtain details of the filled form(s). A popup will show you questions and answers. You can also download the PDF if it was generated.

Click on a respondent to obtain details of the filled form(s). A popup will show you questions and answers. You can also download the PDF if it was generated.

# Download to Excel

Click on the Excel button to download an Excel file with all respondents. Choose columns to export by selecting questions from your form.

# Bulk download to PDF (ZIP file)

If you are running a camp or a field trip, Activity Messenger allows you to easily print off emergency contact and medical information in bulk.

Select one or multiple respondents. Click on the Download button to obtain a ZIP file of all PDFs for selected respondents. You can download the complete PDFs, or only answers to specific questions.

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