Saving, pre-filling, gating and closing a form

If you have very long forms, you can allow clients to save their work mid-way. You can also block guests from filling in forms and only allow returning clients. You can allow clients to connect to their account to pre-fill common questions. Finally, you can close a form when it is no longer used. Those options are available in the form designer's side panel:

# Saving a form to fill in later

If your form is very long, you can allow the client to save their work in order to come back later to complete the form. Toggle the option "Allow the client to save the form". Visit the form and scroll to the Submit button. Next to it is a link the client can use to save the form for later. That will open a popup asking them to confirm their email address. Activity Messenger will send them an email with a link to recover the form.

You can personalize the email the client receives. Click on Communications and choose option All templates. Find the Default template called "Link to your saved form". Adapt it to your needs.

# Gating your form

By default forms can be filled by anyone. Guests can complete and submit your forms.

You can however gate your form to only allow returning clients. When that option is set, Activity Messenger will invite the client to connect to their account.

The client can connect using their email address or mobile phone number. Activity Messenger will send them a 6-digit code to let them in.

# Pre-filling common questions

Once the client is connected, Activity Messenger will pre-fill these questions for them: account owner, other parent, contacts and participant. Activity Messenger will use their previous answers to pre-fill those questions.

# Allowing clients to connect

If you want guests to fill in the form yet allow returning clients to connect and benefit from question pre-filling, toggle the option "Allow clients to connect". A connection link will appear next to the account owner question. The session will last 30 days. The client can disconnect from their account at anytime.

# Closing a form

You can close a form that is on longer relevant by toggling that option. The form will remain visible however submissions will no longer be possible.

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