Surveys and analytics

Activity Messenger is a full replacement for SurveyMonkey built specifically for Sports & Leisure.

A survey is a form used to collect satisfaction and feedback following a class or session. Activity Messenger gives you all the tools necessary to run a survey. To collect responses, you can embed them on your website or send them by email or by text message. Checkout the Forms help page to learn more.

Activity Messenger can even automatically send the survey after a class or session. Checkout the Automation help page to learn more.

To get started click on Forms and Create. You can start with the End of session survey sample, or start from scratch with a Form. A survey can contain different types of questions. For example this sample uses rating, checkboxes, radio buttons and input questions.

# Anonymous surveys

To run an anonymous survey, open the Respondent question and uncheck all options. The respondent question will not be asked.

# Analytics

Once you have collected answers, click on the Analytics tab to visualize responses. Activity Messenger chooses the appropriate chart according to the type of question asked. You can change the type of chart. Choose from vertical or horizontal bar charts, or pie charts.

You can download results to Excel for further analysis. You can even print the analytics on paper.

# Ranking question and analytics

The Ranking question asks respondents to order items by importance. In the Analytics section, an average ranking is calculated for each answer choice allowing you evaluate the most preferred item.

The average ranking value is calculated using the formula (w1*x1 + w2*x2 + ... + wn*xn)/n where w* is the weight of the ranked position, x* is the response count for an item and n is the total response count.

The weight of the ranked position is calculated as n-rank+1. For example if we have 3 choices, w1 will be 3, w2 will be 2 and w3 will be 1.

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