Building waivers to capture consent with electronic signatures

Activity Messenger allows you to create waivers with electronic signatures. You can create waivers for adults and youth. Activity Messenger saves the signed waivers as PDF and sends the participant/parent a copy. We will keep a history of signed waivers for each of your clients. You can easily find and print signed waivers by name, email or mobile phone.

Waivers are standalone web pages available via a unique URL. They are branded to your organization. On your website you put a link to the waiver. Participants and parents can prefill the waivers by following that link. Activity Messenger waivers are responsive and work well on desktop, tablets and mobile.

A waiver has 6 visible parts that you can configure:

  • Your logo and an optional image
  • A youth or adult form
  • Your terms and conditions
  • A digital pad to capture an electronic signature
  • A checkbox to capture explicit consent for the participant/parent to receive promotional emails from you
  • A footer with your copright notice, social vectors, and your address.

# Adult consent form

Adult waiver forms have fields for name, email and mobile phone number (optional).

# Youth consent form

Youth waiver forms have fields for the parent's name, email and mobile phone number (optional). In addition, the parent can add children by providing their name, gender and date of birth (to calculate their age).

# Electronic signature

Waiver forms have a digital pad to capture an electronic signature. The signatory can use the computer mouse, or their finger on touch screens (tablets and smartphones) to draw their signature. The signature is saved as an image and stored in a timestamped and read-only PDF document.

You may ask for a 2nd electronic signature. It can be made optional. Typically used for teenagers to co-sign with their parent.

# Read and accept checkboxes

You can require the respondent to read specific sections and check a box "I read and accept". The form cannot be submitted without these checkboxes being checked. That option is availabe in the Placeholders dropdown.

# Confirmation email

Activity Messenger will send a confirmation email to the signatory. The email will contain a copy of the signed waiver in PDF format.

You can modify the confirmation email template and adapt it to your needs. You may use placeholders for the partcipiant/parent name, and the children names.

# Tracking people who have not signed

The Not signed tab allows you to find who has not signed the waiver. Select a list of people you require a signature from. The system will cross reference respondents and list people who have not signed the waiver. You can also check against a time window. For example who has not signed the waiver this week.

Activity Messenger cross references the email of the respondent to determine if they have signed or not. In the case of child waivers, it will also use the email of the second parent.

From here you can:

  • Click on "Send to people who have not signed". To email or text the waiver to these people.
  • Click on "Send the list to a colleague". To for example send an email to the coach with parents/children who have not signed the waiver before an event.
  • Download a report to Excel to process outside of Activity Messenger.
  • Find a person who has not signed by name, email or mobile phone.

# PDF for your records

Waivers may have expiration dates after which a participant/parent must fill the waive again. Activity Messenger keeps signed waiver records on file forever. You can easily lookup a signatory by name, email or mobile phone to find all the waivers they have signed. You can download or print the waivers in PDF format.

# Shareable link

Each waiver includes a shareable link. Click on Share form to have access it to. You can put a button on your website to point to it. You can also post the shareable link on social media.

# Attach a waiver to an email or SMS message

Activity Messenger allows you to attach a waiver to an email or text message. When you create a new message, you can pick a waiver to attach. It will be sent as a link in the email or text message.

You can also toggle a switch to only send to people who have not yet filled the waiver. This includes at a future time. For example if you schedule the waiver to be sent in two days, the filtering will be applied before the waiver is sent.

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