Building a list of subscribers using a form and landing page

A subscribers list allows you to collect email and mobile phone numbers from people who want to receive your communications (a newsletter for example). You may create multiple subscribers list to capture different audiences.

Collection is done through a landing page with a form. It is fully branded to your organization. You may customize the logo, picture, message and button color.

A subscribers list works just like any other list. You may send messages to recipients on that list. Using the master list, you may combine it with another list.

# Sending an SMS/email after form submission

Activity Messenger will automatically create a welcome SMS/email template when the list is created. It will be sent to new subscribers after they submit the form. You can adapt the template message and branding to fit your needs.

# Gated Video and PDFs

Automatic emails sent after form submission can contain gated content. You can link videos, PDFs or any external web page. Learn how to create call to actions and attach content by reading the help page entitled Templates (HTML emails/SMS messages).

# Sharing the form

Click on Share the form. A popup will appear give you 3 options. You can copy the unique and shareable link of the form to put on your website. You can send the form by email and/or text message. Finally, you can embed it on your website.

If you choose to embed on your website, you can either place the form on a page using an IFRAME, or you can embed a button that opens the form in a popup. Copy the respective HTML code to embed on on your website.

To embed this form on your website you must first set the URL of your organization. Click on the organization menu (3 dots next to your logo) and Modify information. Your website must be secured and start with https.

The button with popup option requires JavaScript. Some sites like Wix do not allow that. Embed directly in the page using an IFRAME if that's the case.