Activity Messenger manages unsubscribes from SMS and email lists for you. We understand that not all communication is created equal and game reminders are different than marketing emails. Parents and participants may want to receive program reminders but not marketing or program information. Players may want to receive game reminders and cancellations but not new promotions. That's why Activity Messenger maintains two distinct lists: one for reminders/cancellations, and another for marketing. Recipients can choose which type of communication to receive, and via which channel (SMS or email).

# How to unsubscribe

Upon receiving an email, or on a landing page received via text message, a recipient will be shown a link to manage their notifications. They will land on this page:

This allows them to subscribe to the channel they prefer, or not to receive any. Consult the help page Managing notifications (for recipients) for more information.

Recipients cannot unsubscribe from receiving operational emails. By doing business with you they gave consent to receive important information by email with regards to the product or service they purchased. This includes reminders, cancellations, invoicing and security.

# Managing your list of unsubcribes

Communications sent via SMS and email may get flagged in a number of ways:

  • Recipient unsubscribed
  • Complaint
  • Bad number
  • Bad email

Activity Messenger handles all these cases. Click on Lists, and Unsubscribes. You will land on the page to view flagged recipients. From there you can identify required corrections in Amilia or your Excel/CSV files. You can then remove people from the bounced list.

# Adding people to the Unsubscribes list

If someone asks you to remove them from your mailing lists, you may manually add them to the list by clicking on the (+) button. They will be tagged with (admin).

# Importing unsubscribed emails from another system

If you are coming from Mailchimp, Constant Contact or from another system, you can also import in bulk using an Excel or a CSV file. First, upload an Excel/CSV file and then click on (+) and choose import from a list.

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