Starter FREE

200 SMS or 20,000 emails to get started
Extra can be purchased at pay-as-you-go rates
HTML Templates
  • Branded to your organization
  • 5 responsive templates maximum
List Management
  • CSV file import
  • Amilia integration for automatic import from your programs
  • Capture leads from a branded landing page and form
  • 5 lists maximum
  • Track delivery rates
  • Track bounces and unsubscribes
  • Add and remove people from the Bounced list

Premium 25 $/mo

400 SMS or 40,000 emails per month
Extra can be purchased at pay-as-you-go rates
Everything in the Starter package plus...
HTML Templates
  • Unlimited number of templates
List Management
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Combine multiple lists into a Master list
  • Track open and click rates
  • Schedule messages to be sent out at a future date and time

Get started today and get 200 free SMS messages or 20,000 emails.


Pay As You Go

Activity Messenger charges you 2.5 cents per SMS you send and 2.5 cents per 100 emails you send. Pay as you go and fill up your balance when you need more.

All prices are in USD and paid by credit card. New signups start with the Starter plan. Upgrade to the Premium plan for extra features and to remove limits.