Basic $25/mo

200 SMS or 20,000 emails
Extra can be purchased at pay-as-you-go rates
For small clubs
  • Amilia integration
  • 5 automation tasks maximum
  • Max 500 recipients per list
  • No limit on the number of contacts

Premium $45/mo

400 SMS or 40,000 emails per month
Extra can be purchased at pay-as-you-go rates
For larger clubs and schools
  • Automate running Zoom classes with Amilia
  • Unlimited number of automation tasks
  • Max 2,000 recipients per list

Pro $75/mo

600 SMS or 60,000 emails per month
Extra can be purchased at pay-as-you-go rates
For Park & Recreation and large organizations
  • No limit on the number of recipients per list
  • Fully white-labeled From email address. Emails sent using your domain name.
  • Fully white-labeled emails and forms. "Powered by Activity Messenger" mention removed from the footer.

Get started today with a 30-day free trial. Get 100 free SMS messages or 10,000 emails.

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Pay As You Go

Activity Messenger charges you 2.5 cents per SMS you send and 2.5 cents per 100 emails you send. Pay as you go and fill up your balance when you need more.

Pause when you want

We know your business is seasonal. You can pause your Premium package any time and your account will remain open.

You will fall back on the Starter package. You will still be able to send emails and SMS however limits on the number of lists and templates will apply. When you get back to planning your season, reactivate the Premium package to remove limits.

Cancellation policy

Activity Messenger is a subscription service paid month over month. Payment for the service is at date of purchase. Renewal is automatic. There is no contract. You may cancel your subscription any time on the Billing page in the application. Activity Messenger gives no refunds on a paid month. Your data will be kept for an extra 30 days after the end of your subscription.

All prices are in USD and paid by credit card. New signups start with the Starter plan with 100 SMS or 10,000 emails (one time only). The Starter plan is a 30-day trial. Upgrade to the Basic, Premium or Pro plan to remove certain limits and obtain a monthly charge-up of SMS or emails. Balance carries over month over month.