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Digital Waivers

Eliminate up to 99% of your paper files

Convert your existing waiver into a customizable waiver with digital signatures

Alleviate front desk congestion and the friction of having participants create an account simply to sign a waiver.

Here’s how Activity Messenger helps you collect digital waivers

Start collecting waivers in minutes

Convert your existing waiver into a customizable waiver your participants can sign online. Share the link with participants and start collecting waivers for your activities, trial classes and events.

Alleviate front desk congestions

Increase the number of pre-signed waivers and streamline the signing process without people having to create an account or use pen and paper. Use any of the following options collect waivers in seconds: QR code, embedded link, Email/SMS link or a customizable website button

Automate signature requests by email or text message

Mom or dad can fill it in over breakfast on their smartphone as they read the news. Easy peasy. Very popular feature that alleviates front desk congestion and removes the burden on your staffs shoulders.

Securely store your waivers

As soon as a waiver or contract is signed, a pdf copy is sent to the participant and securely stored in your account. Easily lookup and track for multiple signed documents.

Employee Contracts

Simple way to collect all employee contracts and confidentiality agreements in one place. All private information is securely encrypted.

Popular ways our clients are using digital waivers

Covid-19 screening

Keep participants safe with daily screening

Liability Waivers

Easily capture digital signature

Contracts & Rentals

Two way signature for contracts and rentals

Eliminating up to 99% of your paper files is a great first step

Together, we can take your business to the next level. We’ll give you the tools to create payment forms, email marketing and staff onboarding to increase revenue

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