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Overview of Activity Messenger

Activity Messenger is a mobile-first communication platform for sports & leisure. It helps you send emails and text messages for marketing and operational tasks. We know you deal with families and not just individuals. That's why recipients can be family accounts. Both mom and dad can receive an email. They will get one email even if they have 3 children. Activity Messenger is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Emails you send will adapt to fit small screens. Text messages will allow you to reach millennials who do not read their email. You and your clients will save time and effort.

# Fundamentals

Activity Messenger is composed of 5 fundamental elements: Lists, Forms, Messages, Templates and Automations. There are 5 top-level menus to access them. Understand these to easily find your way around the platform.

# Lists

A list consists of recipients. A list can be a class roster, a list of members or anything you like. Each recipient can be an individual or a family. A recipient will have a name, an email address and a mobile phone number. Activity Messenger attaches class information (date, time, location) to each recipient. You can use those with placeholders in messages you write allowing you to write one email to a group of classes.

You can import lists from a Excel/CSV file. If you use Amilia, Activity Messenger is fully integrated and will allow you to select the program and activities directly.

# Forms

A form is a way to collect recipient information and capture consent. A form can be a waiver with electronic signature, a survey, a subscribers form (to collect contact emails for a newsletter), or a registration form. You can create custom forms as well to collect any type of information.

Activity Messenger allows you to filter respondents. For example you can easily identify who has not filled a form by cross referencing a list (i.e. class roster).

A form is also a list. You can message the list of respondents.

# Messages

A message can be an email or a text message. A message is usually sent to a list or to respondents who have filled a form. You can copy your staff on an message you send.

Every email and text message you send is tracked. Each recipient will have a unique version of the email or text message you sent. Activity Messenger tracks the open and click rates of each message for each recipient. That way you know if someone has received, opened and even clicked on a link in an email you sent.

You can use placeholders in messages to fill in the name, children names and class information. This allows you to create one message to send to multiple classes.

You can even schedule messages to be sent at a future date and time.

# Templates

A template is a rich HTML message you can reuse when you send messages. For exemple a standard class cancellation email, or a reminder before a class.

Templates are also used for newsletters and marketing campaigns. Templates can contain rich text, images, videos and even Zoom links.

With the Canva integration, you can create beautiful newsletters and marketing campaigns. It is so easy to use and so fast to build. You will enjoy the experience.

# Automations

Activity Messenger's most powerful features is automating commnunication tasks. With automations you can send a reminder before or after class, send a confirmation message following a registration, or even send Zoom links before virtual classes.

New types of automations get constantly added. Contact us at if you have specific use cases.

# Unified communications

Consider Activity Messenger as your unified communications system. It holds lists of recipients with various context information (family accounts, class information, membership information, forms filled). Using forms, you can capture extra information. Using templates you can build a collection of standard messages to use for operations and marketing. You then send emails and text messages. You can send them now, sechedule them for later. With automations you program what message goes out to what group of people around the schedule of your classes and events.

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