User management and permissions

In Activity Messenger a user is an administrator whereas participants, members, students and parents are your customers - recipients of messages. Users are per organization.

Click on the main organization menu and choose Manage users. You will land on this page:

# Permission levels

Activity Messenger counts 4 types of permission levels:

  • An Account Owner has full access.
  • An Administrator does not have access to Billing.
  • An Instructor cannot make modifications but can consult forms and send messages. They can access attendance lists that were assigned to them.
  • A Guest has no access but can be CCed on emails and text messages you send.

# Inviting users

You may invite new users via email. They will get an invitation to activate their account afterwhich, they will have access to your organization.

# Importing staff from Amilia

If you have the Amilia integration, you can import staff directly from your organization in Amilia. Each will receive an invitation by email.

# Updating user information

Administrators and Account Owners can modify the name and permission level of users. If the user did not get the invitation by email, you can resend it. You can also revoke access by clicking on remove. The user will no longer have access to your organization.

# Instructor

An Instructor can be a coach or a teacher. Their access is limited to consulting forms and sending messages. Useful if they must verify that a parent has filled in a waiver or not. They can also message a class to send a reminder.

# Guest

A Guest permission level is useful if you want to CC them on emails and text messages. You can only CC users of your organization. We therefore invite them to confirm their email and mobile phone number.

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