Stripe Terminal

Activity Messenger allows you to take payments in person using the Stripe BBPOS WisePOS E terminal reader. Accepts credit cards, VISA debit and Interac in Canada.

Terminal readers can be purchased directly from Stripe. In the Stripe portal, click on the Payments menu and then choose Reader. If you are running one-off events, Activity Messenger can rent you terminals. Contact us at to inquire.

Inquire about Pricing in Stripe. Note that just like other types of transactions, Activity Messenger also adds 1% service fee.

# Configuring your Stripe Readers

On the Products page, click on the Online store button with the cog. Go to the Stripe Terminal tab. It will allow you to link up a Stripe Reader to Activity Messenger.

First, you must define a physical location where your terminal. Under the Locations section click on the (+) button and add your location.

At this point please initiate the pairing procedure of your Stripe Reader.

Now under the Readers section, click on the (+) button link up a reader. Give it a name, choose your location and put in the pairing code displayed on your device.

Once your reader is added, it will be shown online. You are ready to take credit card and debit card payments in person. Consult the Point of sale help page to learn more.

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