Interac e-Transfer

Allow your clients to pay with Interac e-Transfer and save the credit card fees. With auto-deposit, get your money deposited in your bank account the same day. Activity Messenger automates the entire process including automatic payment settlement. Your invoices will be marked as paid without having to lift a finger.

Interac e-Transfer is only available in Canada. Find out more by going to the Interac website.

To activate Interac e-Transfers in Activity Messenger, click on the E-Commerce menu and choose the Interac option.

Type in the email address you would like your clients to send Interac e-Transfers to.

We recommend you turn on auto-deposit for that email address. You won't have to type in the security question answer every transfer you receive. Instead, your bank will auto-deposit the funds. You can do so from your bank application. The Interac website describes how that works and the increased security benefits.

Click Save and the Interac e-Transfer options will become available in Payment Forms.

# Security question and answer

By default Activity Messenger auto-generates the answer to the security question. If you rather allow the client to type it in, you can toggle on that option here:

# Interac e-Transfer client experience

When you set up payment options on your Payment Forms, you can decide to allow the customer to choose between credit card or Interac e-Transfer.

Activity Messenger will instruct the client how to perform the Interac e-Transfer. The first time they will have to create a new recipient with the provided email address. That only happens once. Subsequent payments to your organization will be much faster.

The Message or Comment field will contain the encrypted invoice ID. It serves to identify the invoice.

The Security question and Security answer fields will not be used if you activated auto-deposit for your email address. However, the client Bank app asks the client to type them in regardless.

If you require the client to specify a security answer, fields Security question and Security answer will be shown. They will need to type in their security answer in the last field.

Activity Messenger allows the client to copy values by simply clicking in the fields. The client can then paste the value in their Bank app.

Once the client has finished setting up the e-Transfer, they can click on the button to finalize the invoice. They will receive a confirmation email. The invoice will be attached.

# Tracking Interac e-Transfer invoices

The administrator can easily track Interac e-Transfers. In the admin portal, the invoice will be marked as "Pending e-transfer". Invoices are visible under both the Respondents table of a Payment Form, or under Invoices in the E-Commerce menu.

# Manually accept an e-Transfer

If you did not activate autodeposit for this email address with your bank, you will be required to type in the security question answer that was auto-generated for the invoice. You can find that by opening the invoice and by clicking on "Reveal e-Transfer instructions". The Interac e-Transfer details will be available there.

# Interac payment settlement

Your bank will send you an email when the Interac e-Transfer is accepted. To mark an invoice as paid, you have two choices:

  1. You can open the invoice and click on Make a payment. Choose Interac and click save.
  2. You can forward the email to It will be settled automatically. Activity Messenger will match the encrypted invoice ID typed in by the client in the message or comment field.

# Automatic payment settlement

To automatically settle an Interac e-Transfer payment against its matching invoice, forward confirmation emails you receive from your bank to You can create an automatic rule in your email client (i.e. Gmail or Outlook) to forward those emails to Activity Messenger. That way, the process is fully automatic. Most times it should only take a few minutes from purchase to payment settlement.

Email forwarding guide

# Interac e-Transfer fees

Activity Messenger adds a 1% process fee with a minimum of $0.50 and a maximum of $5.00 plus applicable sales taxes. That amount will be added to your monthly subscription bill. Consult the Billing page for further details.

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