E-Commerce questions

E-Commerce questions allow you to sell or charge a customer. Theose appear bottom right on the Add a bloc popup.

# Invoice items

Configure the Invoice items question to sell arbitrary items. For example a season fee or tournment fee.

You may define one or multiple items. Each item can be configured with a default, minimum and maximum quantity. You may also specify which taxes apply to each.

Once added to the form, the question can be dragged and dropped to change its position. Here is for example a hockey season registration form. There is a Child question to capture the player name, gender and date of birth.

# Classes and events

The Class/Event question allows you to capture registration to a class, a summer camp or any activity with a schedule. For example for 3 tennis lessons taking place at 6PM on Sept 6, 7 and 8. An Attendance list will be automatically created for the class.

When you add a new Class/Event question, you are presented with this screen. The Class/Event question wraps a Class/Event. You may use an existing one or create a new one on the fly.

Once a class is selected, on the left you can configure how to sell the class and what information to gather from the participant. On the right you see a preview of the question as it will appear in the form.

With options on the left you decide how to sell your class with this form. You can override a number of options previously configured in your class.

  • You may change the registration rule to sell the class as a session (all dates) or as a drop-in (choose one or multiple dates).
  • You may override the selling price. For instance the class sold as a session is 50$, yet the drop-in price is 20$.
  • You may decide to limit the number of places available. For example only allow 5 drop-in spots per event.
  • If your class has a location with an address, you may display a Google Map.

The Class/Event question also has a section to gather participant information. By default the participant will need to provide his/her first and last name. You may also ask for their gender and date of birth. Schools can also ask for the student grade. Camps can ask for the password to release custody of child, and for a friend pairing. If you need to ask for more information, you can add other types of questions. For example a legal guardian.

# Selling a class either as a session or as drop-ins

Using payment forms to sell a class provides you with much flexibility. For example here are 2 forms selling the same class either as a session for 50$, or as a drop in at 20$.

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