Accept online donations

Online donations provide donors with a simple and convenient way to make contributions. They can donate anytime and anywhere using their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

To get started, you need to create a donation form. Alternatively, you can add the donation bloc on any payment form. This will enable donors to easily make a contribution and help support your cause.

# Donation form creation

To create a donation form, you need to go to Forms > Create from scratch > Payment form. From there, you can easily customize your donation form by adding any other blocks such as texts, extra questions, and more.

Once the form is created, you can add the donation block. You can customize the automated receipt upon on donation as well as forcing the monthly donation.

You can automate the donation receipt upon donation. Make sure you fill up the tax numbers correctly.

Once completed, you can easily share your donation form.

# Create a fundraising campaign

A fundraising campaign can generate a sense of urgency and purpose around a specific cause, thereby motivating people to take action and make donations. By adding the fundraising block, you can create a thermometer that shows the progress of donations, a campaign message, and a donation form. You can also leverage the platform's communication tools to automate your donation workflow.