Discounts: promo codes, subsidies, coupons, custom payment forms and pro rata

With Activity Messenger you can offer discounts to clients in different ways:

  1. Promo codes
  2. Client discounts and subsidies
  3. Coupons
  4. Custom forms
  5. Pro rata price reduction (classes)
  6. Apply a discount to an existing invoice

# Promo codes

A promo code applies a discount by percentage or fixed value. Promo codes can expire and have limits.

To access promo codes, click on E-Commerce, Promo codes. The table lists all promo codes created and used in the system.

Click on (+) to create a new promo code. Give it a name and a unique code you can share with select customers.

You can limit the use of the promo code to a number of clients. Note that a promo code can only be used once by the same client. You can also set the promo code to expire at a specific date.

Specify the list of classes the promo code can be applied to. You can also use Promo codes in payment forms on Invoice items questions. Configuration for those are in the forms themselves.

Once a promo code exists, you can click on the code itself to copy it to the clipboard. Click to open an existing promo code. At the bottom there will be a link to the Invoices table filtered to show clients that have used the promo code.

# Client discounts and subsidies

A client discount or subsidy works like a promo code except it gets automatically applied during purchase. The client does not need to type in a code. Instead, Activity Messenger will apply the discount looking at the client's email address.

To access client discounts and subsidies, click on E-Commerce, Client discounts and subsidies. The table lists all client discounts created and used in the system.

Click on (+) to create a new client discount. Choose a client or create a new one. The email address is important. It must match that of the client receiving the subsidy.

Choose the classes, memberships and products the subsidy will apply to. Adjust other rules as well and then save.

When the client fills in a payment form, Activity Messenger will look at the account owner email address and the item being purchased. If they match the rules of the subsidy, the discount will get automatically applied.

# Coupons

A coupon is a voucher exchangeable against a class. It can be given to a specific customer. A coupon can only be used once.

To access coupons, click on E-Commerce, Coupons. The table lists all coupons created and used in the system.

You can click on (+) to create a new coupon, or click on an existing coupon to open it.

In your coupon specify the classes the coupon can be redeemed for. Once a coupon is given to a customer, that information will be available there too. Once a coupon is redeemed, it is no longer usable.

You can send a coupon by email or by text message. Click on the Send button. A popup will appear allowing you to choose a recipient, adapt the message and send it out.

# Generating coupons with forms

If you are running trials, coupons are perfect to drop-in potential customers in an existing class. You can set up a free trial signup form that generates a coupon. The customer can then use it to register to a drop-in class.

Create a new form, and go to the Confirmation tab. Click on the Coupons button to configure the number of coupons to generate, and provide the list of classes the coupon(s) can be redeemed for.

The coupon code(s) can be included in the confirmation email sent to your customer. Use the {Coupon codes} placeholder to include them in your template. Check out the Placeholders help page to find out more.

# Using promo codes and coupons during class or event registration

You can accept promo codes and/or coupons by turning on that option in the Class/event question of your form.

When a client registers, they can apply a promo code or a coupon in the form.

# Custom forms

Instead of using promo codes or coupons, you can use a custom form to offer a discount to select clients.

For example, say you have a class Gym 101 that sells for 100$ and that you have created a registration form to enroll students. You can duplicate the registration form and change the price to offer a discount. Simply change the price in the form to override that of the class.

Then, click on the Share button to obtain the unique URL of that form. You can send it to select clients for them to obtain the discount.

# Pro rata price reduction (classes)

If you are selling classes for a session, you can reduce the price after each class on a pro rata basis. You can configure pro rata price reduction in your registration form.

Go to the Design tab of your registration form. Edit on the Class/event question. The configuration popup will open. Next to the price, you can toggle on the Pro rata option.

Click Edit to open the pro rata rules configuration popup. Pro rata reduces the price after the end of each class. Specify an amount or a percentage to reduce the price. Also specify the minimum price. Registrations after each class will benefit from the price reduction. Activity Messenger will show you a simulation of price reductions so you can make sure everything is as you expect.

# Apply a discount to an existing invoice

You can apply a discount on an existing invoice either paid or not.

With an invoice that is not paid, you can modify individual invoice items and apply an admin discount. Specify the amount to discount and a label to appear on the invoice. For accounting and tracking, you can assign the discount to a ledger code.

With an invoice that is paid, you can click on Refund to do a partial refund. Specify the amount to discount and a label to appear on the invoice. For accounting and tracking, you can assign the discount to a ledger code.

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