How to create a Payment Form

In Activity Messenger, a Payment Form allows you to take credit card payments for registrations, membership renewals and other types of purchases. This guide will show you how to create a Season Registration Payment Form.

# Create a new Payment Form

Click on the menu Forms and selection the option "Create a new Payment Form". Give your form a name.

# Design your form

Go to the Form tab. The form designer is a simple drag and drop interface. You can add any number of questions and slide to change their order. A Payment Form always has a mandatory question "Account Owner". You can rename it to something else like "Parent" or "Player". You may ask for more information like their gender or date of birth.

Add a new question of type "Invoice items" and specify the season price and allowed quantity.

You may also add an Image and a title (Text block) to make your form attractive and its intent clear. You can also add more questions. Here is the final form.

# Connect Stripe and configure payments by credit card

Click on the Payment tab to configure payment. The payment step shows the invoice created from questions answered by the client. Below is the payment portion. By default payment is offline (you collect later).

Activity Messenger allows your clients to pay a deposit by credit card or to pay the entire amount by credit card. To do so, you need to connect your Stripe account. Click on Connect Stripe.

Once Stripe is connected, it will be in "Test mode" meaning any credit card transaction you make will not be real. Those will be available in your Stripe test account.

Go back to your form on the Payment tab. Edit the payment configuration, select Online payments and save. Your form now takes payments by credit card.

# Configuring sales taxes

Activity Messenger allows you to define your provincial or state sales taxes. Click on Configure taxes and add those there.

Go back to the form and edit the "Invoice items" question. Set the taxes accordingly and save.

# Testing the form

With the form designed, payment set up and taxes configured, you can do a test run. Click on Visit the form. The form will open in a separate window. You can fill it in and click on Continue.

You are presented with the invoice and the payment form. Since you are in test mode, you can use the test credit card number 4111-1111-1111-1111 with a future expiration date and any zip code.

With a successful payment a confirmation screen is shown. The client also receives by email a copy of the invoice and payment in PDF format.

Go to the Respondents tab and click on the refresh button. Each row represents a registration.

Click on a row to access Client Billing. From here you can download the invoice PDF, cancel and refund the purchase, etc.

# Launching your registrations

Now that your form is ready and tested, it is time to launch registrations. First, you must turn off the Stripe "Test mode". Click on the menu E-Commerce and choose the Stripe option. Turn off "Test mode". You will be in "Live mode" and ready to take online payments with real credit cards.

Go back to your form and click on Share the form. Activity Messenger provides you with multiple options to use the form. The Payment Form has a unique URL. You can put a link or button on your website to send your customers to it. You may also send it by email or by SMS. You can embed it on your website in different ways. Finally, you can print a QR code and post it on your wall to allow customers to register with their smartphone.

# Tracking registrations and analyzing results

As clients register, you can track from the Respondents tab. Click on Columns to view answers to questions you have asked. For example here we are showing the banquet question.

Activity Messenger provides you with a visual summary as well. Click on the Analytics tab. On screen we show you a summary of sales, taxes and payments. We also show you summary charts for each extra question.

Activity Messenger allows you to build much more complex Payment Forms. For example you can bundle many services or products on the same form. Using a Class/Event question, you can also sell a class or summer camp with a predetermined schedule. Activity Messenger will automatically build a class roster and allow you to track attendance.

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