Pre-filling a payment form for a client

You may want to pre-fill a payment form to send to a client so they can fill it in and complete the purchase. With Activity Messenger, that scenario is possible.

Prepare your form and click on "Visit the form". It will open in a new browser window or tab. Fill the form with the information you have from the client. For example their email address and items to purchase. Scroll down and under Admin options, check the option "Allow partial save". Click on Continue to move on to the Payment step.

The invoice is shown as well as the payment form. Scroll down to Admin options. You have 3 options:

  • Send the form (previous page) to the client
  • Payment by administrator
  • Set the form expiration date and time

Click on "Send the form". It will open a new browser tab with the New message screen. The message will be pre-configured and the form linked as a button. When the client clicks on the button, they will be redirected to the page you have selected. They can complete the form and pay the invoice.

If you configured the payment form to allow another payment method, you can turn it on by clicking on that checkbox. You may toggle that checkbox to turn on or off the other payment method.

You can track sent forms by going to the Messages tab of the form. We track opens and clicks of those emails. You'll know if they opened the email and clicked on the form button. The link to the Payment Form is also there should you need to access it again to make more changes.

# Payment by administrator

You may not need the client to fill in the form. You may want to settle the invoice yourself. You can click on the Payment by administrator checkbox. It will present a point-of-sale (POS) with options to take a payment via your debit/credit terminal, by cash, by check, or by other means. You can also control whether the client should receive the invoice by email or not.

# Form expiration

You can configure the pre-filled form to expire at a given day and time. Click on the checkbox Expire the form to set that option. Choose a date and time and save.

Payment forms that have an expiration date/time will have a timer appear at the top. When expired the Payment Form will not be submittable by the client.

# Tracking prefilled forms

Prefilled forms create draft invoices. You can view all draft invoices under the Invoices pages (E-Commerce, Invoices). Filter to see draft invoices created by administrators.

Open a draft invoice to view details. You'll have a link to access the prefilled form. The invoice will show emails you've sent to the client. You can, for example, see if they have opened the email you sent. If not, you may resend the prefilled form again.

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