Selling products and tracking inventory

Activity Messenger allows you to create a catalog of products and merchandise. You can sell products in any payment form. You can even combine selling classes and products in the same form. Activity Messenger can even track the inventory for you.

Click on E-Commerce, Products to manage your catalog of products. You can organize your product catalog with tags to make it easier to find specific merchandise.

# Creating a new product

Click on (+) to create a new product. As with other sellable items, products have a price, taxes and a ledger code. Products can also have a SKU, a description and an image.

# Tracking inventory

You can activate inventory tracking. Choices are pickup and loan. When an item is purchased (or loaned), the inventory gets reduced by the set quantity.

Tracking is available in the invoice of the client. Click on E-Commerce, and Invoices. You can filter by product to find orders. The table will show if the purchase was paid as well as if it was picked up or if it is in stock.

Find your client and open the invoice. The Tracking column has a button to mark something as picked-up.

# Selling products

To sell products, you can create a Payment Form. Click on Forms, Create to create a new Payment form. Add a Products question. You can then select as many products as you like to sell. You can override the price, initial quantity, taxes and ledger code.

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