Accounting (payments, ledger codes and bank account reconciliation)

Activity Messenger keeps track of all financial transactions. The engine adheres to double entry accounting principles. Every item you sell has an associated payment item (or multiple). This allows you to refund items to the client's credit card and simplifies bank account reconciliation.

# Ledger codes

Activity Messenger allows you to assign ledger codes to every item you sell. To set those up, click on the E-Commerce menu, and choose option Ledger codes. You can add as many ledger codes as you want.

# Assigning a ledger code to a class

Click on Classes, All classes and events. To assign a ledger code to class, open your class and pick the ledger code from the dropdown list.

When you assign a ledger code to a class, previous sales are not affected. Meaning existing payments made to purchase the class will not be reported against the ledger code. This allows you to change the class ledger code for future sales. If you would like to retroactively assign the ledger code to previous sales, please contact us at We can do that for you.

# Bulk assignment of ledger codes to classes

If you have dozens or hundreds of classes, you can use the Bulk operation to assign a ledger code to multiple classes at once. Click on the more button (⋮) and choose "Ledger codes". Pick the classes, and assign the ledger code.

# Payments report by ledger code

To view payments broken by ledger codes, click on E-Commerce, Reports. Choose a date range. Activity Messenger will list all payments and break them down by ledger code. You can export the report to Excel as well.

# Bank account reconciliation with Stripe and Activity Messenger

Using the Payments report in Activity Messenger, along with the Payout report in Stripe, your accountant can easily reconcile payments against your bank account deposits.

We recommend you program the Stripe payouts on a regular interval using the Automatic payouts feature. Read the Stripe Payout reconciliation report docs to find out more.

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