Client billing and invoices

Click on E-Commerce and choose Invoices. The Invoices table shows all invoices across all payment forms. A row represents one client and one purchase invoice. To find a client/invoice, you can search by invoice number, client name, client email or client mobile phone number.

If you like, you may instead open a Payment form and look at the Respondents table. It displays clients and invoices too but limited to the context of that payment form (i.e. class or event).

Click on a row to open the Client billing dialog. You are present with the client, form answers, purchased items, the invoice, payment(s) and messages relating to this purchase.

The Client billing dialog allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Modify the client name, email and mobile phone number
  • Consult and modify form answers
  • Download the invoice PDF
  • Cancel one or many invoice items and refund the client
  • Make a payment if there is a balance
  • Resend the invoice PDF by email
  • Send an email or text message to the client

# Cancel and refund

You can cancel and refund part of an invoice by clicking on the "Cancel and refund" button. A popup will allow you to select one or multiple invoice items to cancel and refund.

If the client paid by credit card (Stripe), the refund will be applied directly to their credit card.

Toggle the "Cancellation fee" checkbox to charge the customer a fee. If the client paid by credit card via Stripe, charging a cancellation fee will perform a partial refund on their credit card.

By default a cancellation confirmation email will be sent to the client. You can toggle of that checkbox if prefer not to send an email. In either case you can send the cancellation receipt by email afterwards.

A cancellation creates an additional invoice attached to the original one. It will include the cancellation fee and the refund receipt.

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