Registration platform for
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Classes & Camp
  • Schools & Federations
  • Sports & Leisure

Simplify registrations. Personalize communications. Automate the rest.

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Don’t stay stuck in the past

Online registration platforms designed 10+ years ago can’t easily adapt to changing needs and trends.

Your current system

  • Paper and desktop
  • Days to setup your account
  • Rigid registration forms
  • Hours of manual work

Activity Messenger

Allows you
to replace image


image We integrate with
tools you already use


Class Management is broken.

Gone are the days when you had to adapt your business rules to your software. Transition to a fully customizable Class management solution that integrates intelligent communication.


Activity Messenger is great for

  • SMS

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital waivers

  • Registrations

  • Forms

  • Memberships

  • Texting

  • Staff Management

  • Digital waivers

  • Email Marketing

  • Lessons

  • SMS

  • Reports

  • Microsite

  • Donations

  • Events

  • Payments

  • Facility Management

  • Private lessons

  • Contracts

  • Stripe

Turn the vision for your business into reality, without compromise

Never chase after a signature again

Increase the number of pre-signed waivers and streamline the signing process

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Automate repetitive tasks no one has time for

Automate start-of-session reminders, welcome emails, membership renewals and end-of-session surveys in just one click.

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Targeted, personal and reliable communications

Bring your email/SMS outreach to life by dynamically adding text placeholders collected from the forms.

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Alleviate front desk congestion

Increase the number of pre-signed waivers and streamline attendance tracking without people having to create an account.

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No more laborious account creation for clients

We’ll create it on the fly as they fill out a form. Enjoy the freedom to create unique forms for each payment type.

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Eliminate the friction of collecting employee timesheets

Make it simple to collect time sheets that connect to your payroll.

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Switch over your whole business or simply start with one form

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