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Manage your online registrations, memberships, progress reports, recital ticket sale and communications in a single tool.

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Boost enrollment with a customer-centric registration process

One common frustration we often hear from studio owners is the overwhelming nature of their current registration process. Sorting through countless class options can be time-consuming and tedious for busy parents. That’s why we’ve designed a registration system tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of each dance studio.

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Simplify Recurring Monthly Payments

Have students drop in and out of classes with recurring monthly payments. Whether it’s a monthly plan for your recreational classes or another for your more advanced dancers, you can easily customize the form for each program type or level.

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Personalized SMS and Email Outreach

Ever received an email that not only addresses you by name but also reflects your recent interactions with a brand? That’s the kind of personalization any dance studio should strive for. With our mailmerge feature, dance studio owners can include essential details like the dancer’s name, class name, start date and time, last class date, and what to expect next.

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Attract new dancers with targeted marketing

Say goodbye to the hassle of email marketing tools that fail to deliver the personal touch your studio needs. Welcome a new era with party marketing workflows, drip campaigns, free trial workflows, and automated abandoned cart retargeting.

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Manage your summer camp

From registration to attendance tracking, medical records, and all communications with parents, Activity Messenger handles it all in a single tool. You can even automate welcome emails, end-of-camp surveys, and streamline your liability waiver collection, making your administrative tasks a lot easier…

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Automate repetitive tasks no one has time for

A significant portion of your day is consumed by administrative tasks that seem to multiply, especially if you’re doing them manually. Now imagine freeing up 15-20 hours a month. How? By automating repetitive tasks like class reminders, welcome emails, membership renewals, HR paperwork, waitlist management, and more.

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A simpler way to manage your staff

We don’t have to tell you how complicated employee management can get. Contracts, banking information, vacation requests, timesheets, scheduling – it’s a lot to manage. Most employee management platforms out there are expensive and were never designed for dance studios. Enter Activity Messenger – an easy and cost-effective solution for managing your part-time employees.

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Kid's birthday party workflow

The kid’s birthday party market is large and expanding. However, it can be quite a headache to manage. From staffing to contracts, waivers, deposits, payments, and invitations, organizing these events is far more complex than running weekly programs. This complexity makes it challenging to scale birthday party services. But what if you could automate most of these tasks?

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Replace all your other tools

Activity Messenger helps you replace other tools that were never designed with dance studios in mind, such as MailChimp, JotForm, SmartWaiver, TutuTix, and SurveyMonkey. You no longer need to juggle (and pay for) multiple tools to manage and grow your dance studio.

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