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Automate manual tasks

With a few simple clicks

Automate waiver signatures, membership renewals, surveys & reminders

Spend less time on repetitive tasks so you can focus on doing what you love.

Here’s how you can spend less time on repetitive tasks

It's like getting an extra employee

Set up class reminders, welcome emails, end of session surveys and membership renewals in just a few clicks. Automate all the repetitive task no one has time for.

More time, more revenue, happier customers.

Free up your mind and make sure your client gets the right information at the right time. A lot of your business processes are in your head. Let them rest in Activity Messenger. By automating your communications, you save time, avoid errors and improve customer retention.

Take the guess work out of marketing your parties!

Automate a marketing outreach to go out weeks before the child's date of birth. With the right timing, your organizations is top of mind at the time parents are thinking about - or should be - what to do for Sophie's birthday.

Collect important data with no extra effort

Wouldn't it be amazing to compile survey data to gain insights and make better decision? But who has the time, right? That's why we created automated surveys. A survey gets triggered to be sent X number of days after the end of a class, camp or activity. The admin can set the trigger, conditions and the survey for a simple automated flow to collect better data.

Popular ways our clients are using Automations

Start of session reminder

Automation based on start date & time

End of session survey

Automates collecting data on your customers experience

Automate marketing your parties

Automated Marketing offer to go out X weeks before DOB

Automating repetitive tasks is a great first step.

Together, we can take your business to the next level. We’ll give you the tools to create payment forms, email marketing and surveys to increase revenue

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