Send an HTML email/SMS message to a list of participants or contacts

From a Template, click on Send to send a message to participants or contacts. This will lead you to the New Messages page.

The New Messages page allows you to send either an email, a text message or both. You can send to a list of people, someone specific or yourself (useful for testing). Consult the help page Sending messages by SMS and email for details.

# Sending by SMS

When sending as an SMS, the message will contain a short message (preset with the subject) that you can configure. In addition, you can include one of the images from the Template. Finally, the text message will contain a link to view the full message in their browser.

# Sending by email

When sending as an email, the full message will be sent. You may modify the subject line (preset to what you specified in the template). In addition, you may also adjust the preview of the email. An email preview appears when the email is not opened yet visible as a new mail in the inbox of a recipient.

# Scheduling to send later

You can schedule the message to be sent at a future time. Very useful for planning email or SMS marketing campaigns. Consult the Scheduling messages help page for details.

Once scheduled, the message is frozen for that send out. Making further changes to the Template will not be reflected in scheduled messages. You will need to cancel the scheduled message and create a new message.