Canva integration

Canva is the leading graphics design tool on the web. If you use Canva, you can now publish designs directly to Activity Messenger. Images will land in Your images. You can then use them to create rich email and SMS templates.

Canva is also directly integrated inside of Activity Messenger. You can create designs directly in the email templates you edit.

# Canva integration in Activity Messenger

When you edit a template, click on the Canva button inside an image block. The Canva popup will open. Create a design and then save it. Activity Messenger will insert the image it directly in your template. It will also be saved in Your images to be reused later.

For example, here we create a Happy Holidays email template. Using Canva, we design the email image header with a beautiful background and text.

The Canva popup uses your Canva account. You will have access to your own designs.

# The Activity Messenger App in Canva

Inside of Canva, there is a new Activity Messenger app. You can access it directly inside of Canva.

# Connecting Canva and Activity Messenger

From Canva, publish your design. Search for the Activity Messenger app. A popup will allow you to connect to Activity Messenger using your account.

# Publishing your design

Once connected, you can publish the design either as a JPG or PNG image. We recommend you use the JPG format as it is smaller in file size and loads faster. Your clients will appreciate it.

Canva images are sent to Your images. Click on the More menu and Images to view them. They are tagged with "Canva".

# Using Canva images in templates

Inside a template, you can use an image block. Then click on Media and Canva images will appear. Choose one to insert into your template.

In this example we create an email template for an invitation to a party. We use a placeholder for the name of the recipient, and the published image from Canva. The full email template is ready to send out in a few seconds.

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