Generating certificates

With Activity Messenger you can generate certificates in batch and send them by email or by SMS. For example, to a list of students that successfully completed a class or a session. Activity Messenger is a great replacement for mail merge features you already use with Excel and Word or Outlook. Keep everything centralized in the same place and avoid manipulations in Excel.

You can also print the certificates. Some swim schools email parents the report cards and certificates at the end of the session. The parent can print their certificate at home. Other swim schools print the certificates to hand out during the last class. We give you both options.

# Creating a certificate

Click on the More menu, and choose "+ New certificate". Choose from existing samples or create one from scratch.

We support 3 types of certificates. They can all be printed on letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11). Choose between Portrait or Landscape. We also support name Badges (Avery 5392) which print 6 per page in portrait.

# Certificate properties

A certificate consists of a background image and text labels. You can either upload your own background image or use Canva to select from a multitude of sample certificates or to create your own. Make sure the background images contains empty spaces to insert text.

Add a text new text field and choose a placeholder. For example {Participant first name}. When the certificates get generated, Activity Messenger will pull the placeholder values from the list your provide.

You can turn any form question into a placeholder. Consult the Placeholders help page to learn more.

# Applying certificates

With your certificate designed, it is time to apply it to a list of people. Either to a list you uploaded, or to a list of respondents captured with a form.

Click on Apply and choose your list or form. You will be able to cycle through people on the left. On the right, you will see a preview of the certificate generated for each. You can click on Print to get a full size version of the certificate. You will be able to print it.

# Saving bulk certificates to PDF

From the Apply popup, click on the Download PDF button to obtain a PDF with all certificates for a class or a list. You will then able to print them in bulk.

For name badges, Activity Messenger will align 6 badges per page so you can print them using Avery 5392 paper.

# Sending by email or by SMS

You can send the certificates by email or by text message. Click on Send to edit your message. The certificate will be attached and embedded in the email. If you are sending by SMS, Activity Messenger will send a link to access the certificate. In both cases, the recipient will be able to print the certificate.

You may also embed a certificate in a message template that can be reused thus avoiding having to rewrite the same message multiple times.

# Including certificates in email templates

You can also include certificates in your message templates. Use the Certificate block to insert a certificate in any template. When you see the message by email or by SMS, Activity Messenger will create one certificate per recipient. It will take care of replacing placeholders accordingly.

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