Evaluation forms

Activity Messenger allows you to evaluate participants or students for a class or a session. With an evaluation form, you or your instructors can capture the assessment and keep a digital record. You may then mass-email the evaluations to the parents or participants. A PDF will be attached to the email. You can even generate and mass-email or mass-print certificates.

To create a new evaluation form, click on the Forms menu, and choose option Create. You may choose a sample or go to the "Create an evaluation form" tab to create one from scratch.

Your evaluation form can contain pictures and any type of question for the instructor to fill.

Then, decide how you want instructors to fill in the evaluation form: either from the class attendance list (see below), or by having direct access to the form (click on Share to obtain the link).

# Filling evaluation forms from an attendance list

Whether you take registrations using Activity Messenger, or with another platform such as Amilia or iClassPro, you can track attendance in Activity Messenger.

Invite your instructors and assign them their to their class. They will be able to track attendance and fill in the evaluation from directly from their smartphone or from a tablet.

In the attendance list, click on the (⋮) menu and toggle on "tracking of filled forms". Choose your evaluation form. When instructors click on a participant, they will have access to the evaluation form.

# Managing and reviewing evaluations

From your evaluation form, click on the Respondents tab. You will have a list of students for whom evaluations have been filled.

Click on the "Visible columns" button to view the questions pertaining to the current and next level. You can even click on the Filter button to drill down to one specific level.

Click on a row to review the evaluation of a student or participant. You can modify answers and access the PDF that was generated.

# Mass email evaluations

Select the students/participants to email. Click on the Message button. Type in your message or use an existing template to go faster.

Check the box to attach the filled form. Activity Messenger will attach the PDF to the email we send to the parent or participant.

You can also send a certificate along. Click on Attachment and "Attach a certificate" to do so.

Click on Send to send right away, or on Schedule to send at a later time.

# Pass or fail mass email templates

To save time, you can prepare message templates to send students if they PASS the class, or if they FAIL the class. We recommend you include the certificate in the PASS template.

Click on the Options tab to configure those message templates.

To mass email, go to the respondents tab and select participants that passed the class. Click on the Messages drop-down button and choose "Passed". This will open the New message popup pre-configured to use the template you have defined. You can click on the Preview button to make sure placeholders are properly replaced.

Repeat the same steps for students that failed the class but this time choosing the "Fail" option in the Message drop-down.