Scheduling messages

Activity Messenger allows you to schedule the send out of a message for later. Click on the Schedule button and choose the future date and time.

You can also program a recurrence using extra dates and times. Use the "+ 1 day" or "+ 1 week" buttons.

If you are sending to a list, you can update the list before the message goes out. Useful for example to include new people registering to a class, or added to a list.

If you are sending to a list of participants or members from Amilia, Activity Messenger will automatically sync the lists 30 minutes prior the send out.

If you are using a template, a copy will be frozen for the scheduled send outs. Meaning you are free to use and update the template for other messages. The scheduled messages will not be changed.

Note: You will not be charged until the message is sent.

# Tracking scheduled messages

On the Messages page, scheduled messages are identified with a clock icon and the future date and time of the send out.

You may open the message for details. You may preview the emails, cancel the send out or send it now.

# Cancelling

At any time you can click on the Cancel button to abort the send out. The message will be deleted.

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