Automating Amilia multipass/membership purchase confirmation

If you use Amilia, Activity Messenger can send a confirmation email (or text message) following a purchase of a multipass or a membership. Some situations where you might want to use this are:

  • Send instructions and links on how to use their multipass to register to activity drop-ins
  • Notify an administrator that someone purchased a multipass or membership
  • Send a list of member advantages

To get started create a new automated task. Click on the Communications menu and Create a new automated task. Give your automated task a name and choose either "Amilia multipass purchase confirmation" or "Amilia membership purchase confirmation".

Please note:

  • Both the account owner and the member/participant will receive one message a few minutes after checkout.
  • You or any of your staff can receive a notification by setting the Carbon Copy option.

Once your automated task is created you can turn on the switch and program the Automation Bot. Select the multipasses or memberships you want, and configure the message to send out.

By default Activity Messenger create a template for you. You can go and modify it any time to adapt it to your needs. You can even use multipass and membership placeholders. For example to inject the name of the member/client, the expiration date of the membership/multipass, etc.

Should you wish to notify an administrator, select their email address from the Carbon Copy picker.

# Notify administrator(s)

If you do not want to send the email to the client, but instead only notify one or many administrators, flip the switch "Do not send to the client". Make sure to specify those people in the Carbon Copy picker in the message configuration popup.

# Consulting sent messages

Activity Messenger logs automation messages sent. Click on the Messages tab under the automated task. There will be listed all emails and text messages sent for the task.