Automating Amilia activity registration confirmation

If you use Amilia as your registrations platform, Activity Messenger can send a confirmation email (or text message) following a registration. Some situations where you might want to use this are:

  • Send a COVID-19 waiver or health survey to be filled prior to coming to the first class.
  • Send a welcome video.
  • Send a PDF containing important information about the program.

To get started created a new automated task. Click on the Automation menu and Create. Give your automated task a name and choose "Amilia activity registration".

Once your automated task is created you can turn on the switch and program the Automation Bot. Select the program and activities you want, and configure the message to send out.

Please note:

  • The account owner will receive one message a few minutes after checkout.
  • If you, as an administrator, registers someone, the account owner will also receive the message.
  • The message will be sent for each activity you have selected. If someone registers to two different activities, they will get two emails.
  • A parent which registers two children, will receive two messages.

# Registration confirmation message template

Activity Messenger provides a default message template. The template uses placeholders to inject the account owner, participant and activity information. You can adapt the template to your needs.

Should you wish to personalize multiple confirmation emails, you can create multiple copies of this template or create them from scratch. You may then attach them to their respetive automated task.