Activity start

Activity Messenger allows you to send an email or a text message before an activity starts. If you are using Amilia, this will send a message only for the first occurrence or class of your activity. This also works for CSV/Upload lists. It will take the date of the "activity start" column you have imported.

To get started created a new automated task. Click on the Automation menu and Create. Give your automated task a name and choose "Activity start".

Once your automated task is created you can turn on the switch and program the Automation Bot. Choose the time the message should go out at, select the list you want, and configure the message to send out.

Activity start tasks can be configured to use any type of list, even Master lists that combine other lists. Activity Messenger will pick up recipients registered to activities and ignore the others.

At the bottom you can pick a date to see who will receive a message on that day.

# Activity start message template

By default Activity Messenger creates a template for you. It contains placeholders for person's first name, the activity name and the start date and time. You can modify that template or use another.

# Consulting sent messages

Activity Messenger logs automation messages sent. Click on the Messages tab under the automated task. There will be listed all emails and text messages sent for the task.