Automating Amilia activity reminders and follow-ups

If you use Amilia as your registrations platform, Activity Messenger can schedule messages for you. For example to send class reminders, class follow-ups or game reminders. Activity Messenger will fetch from Amilia activities, schedules and participants to send them an SMS or an email. With placeholders you can customize the message participants receive.

To get started created new automated task. Click on the Communications menu and Create a new automated task. Give your automated task a name and choose "Amilia activity messages".

Once your automated task is created you have two choices: to let the Automation Bot do it for you, or to schedule messages yourself. You can choose a combination of both if you like.

Note: Participants only receive one message per occurrence. The Bot will never double-schedule messages. Activity Messenger won't let you double-schedule messages either.

# Automation Bot

The Automation Bot runs daily at 4:00 a.m. Eastern time to schedule reminders. It will pick up any changes from Amilia such as new registrations, modified email/mobile phone numbers, and schedule changes.

You program the Bot by providing this information:

  • Day(s) before or after and Time: When to schedule the messages.
  • Are you sending game reminders to teams?: If you use Amilia League Management, this will filter activities to only pick up teams.
  • Select a program: Choose the program from Amilia.
  • Activities: Choose the activity or activities in Amilia. You can choose them by category or subcategory as well.
  • Configure the message: Write your message using placeholders.

After you click Save the Bot becomes operational. To deactivate the Bot, click on the Manual radio button.

# Run a simulation

You can ask the Bot to simulate what class/games it will schedule on a given day. Click on the Simulate button and choose a day. In this case for example, the Bot has found 2 occurrences to schedule on February 29. Another 2 occurrences were already scheduled manually. It will not schedule them twice. You change the day to run another simulation.

# Messages and Lists

Under the hood the Automation Bot creates lists and schedules messages. You can use the respective tabs to view them.

Activity Messenger logs automation messages sent. Click on the Messages tab under the automated task. There will be listed all emails and text messages sent for the task.

On the Lists tab are lists the Automation Bot has created by pulling participants from Amilia. There is one list per activity. These lists are synchronized 30 minutes prior to sending messages in order to pick up new registrants or modified email/phone numbers.

# Scheduling messages manually

If you prefer to pre-program messages, you can click on the Messages tab and click on the Schedule messages button. A 4-step wizard will guide you in choosing the program, activities and occurrences for which to send messages.