Connecting Amilia

Activity Messenger can pull information directly from Amilia using their API. Follow these steps to grant Activity Messenger access to the API.

Note: If you used to click on the Activity Messenger app in Amilia Apps, that option is no longer available. To log in to Activity Messenger, please go to the Activity Messenger Login page. Your account and the connection to Amilia has not changed.

# Step 1 - In Amilia

In Amilia, click on Account and Administrators. Add a new administrator called Activity Messenger API with email address Use the Manager permission level. Follow this guide if you need more help.

Again in Amilia, click on Account, Main information. Scroll down to the Options section. Copy the "Login page URL" value. Also called a "slug", it uniquely identifies your organization.

# Step 2 - In Activity Messenger

In Activity Messenger, click on the organization menu button (⋮) next to your logo, and under Integrations click on Amilia.

Paste the "Login page URL" (slug) value copied from Amilia. Click on Connect.

Activity Messenger and Amilia should now be connected. Activity Messenger will be able to pull programs, activities, memberships, clients, etc from Amilia. You can test the connecting by clicking on "Test by fetching active programs". That should list all active programs in your organization.

If you encounter issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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