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Activity Messenger is a complete mobile-first communication platform for Sports & Leisure and Schools. Whether you want email/SMS marketing, forms/waivers with electronic signature, or to automate running Zoom classes, we've got you covered. Give us a try.

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Mobile-first Communication

Activity Messenger is email, SMS, forms and online payments all in one. Built to reach your participants, students and parents on their smartphones.

Activity Messenger is Mailchimp and Constant Contact on steroids. The option to send both SMS and email means we can communicate with our customers the way they want to be reached.

Duncan Macintosh from
Activity Messenger, mobile-first communication for Sports & Leisure.

Activity Messenger is Mailchimp and Constant Contact on steroids. The option to send both SMS and email means we can communicate with our customers the way they want to be reached.

Duncan Macintosh from

# Email and SMS marketing

Face it, millennials don't check their email. You need to reach them by SMS. It's the new reality.

With Activity Messenger build responsive HTML messages that contain rich text, images and buttons. They are fully branded and work on any device and in any email client. Send them both by email and SMS.

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Responsive HTML emails and SMS in Activity Messenger

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# Waivers with electronic signature

Activity Messenger provides waivers with electronic signature. Send them by email or SMS. Waivers are stored in PDF files for your records. Paperless waivers are essentiel for COVID-19 deconfinement. We offer the most cost effective and easiest solution.

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Activity Messenger waivers with electronic signature

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# Powerful List Management

Activity Messenger provides powerful yet simple to use list building tools. You can import large Excel/CSV files, manually type in contact information, combine multiple lists together, and capture contacts from a form on a landing page.

Activity Messenger is built for both email and SMS. It spots missing or invalid email address and phone numbers, and allows you to fix them now or later. Find out more...

Combining multiple lists in Activity Messenger

# List Building with Amilia

Activity Messenger directly integrates with Amilia. No import of CSV files required. You simple choose participants by programs, categories, subcategories and activities. We keep a live list of participants. New registrations, cancellations and information changes (like email or mobile) get updated when you open the Amilia Live List. That way, your lists never become stale.

We know you spend a lot of time filtering in Excel to build targetted audiences. With the Amilia integration skip that step altogether. You can combine multiple programs, filter people from other activites, and even filter by age, gender or birthday. Find out more...

List Building with Amilia in Activity Messenger

# Send SMS/Emails to Your Participants

Cancelled class? Reminder for special event? Schedule change? With Activity Messenger you can text and/or email your participants with a few clicks. If your message is long or contains more information, you can build a Landing Page with the built-in HTML editor. Find out more...

Sending an email/SMS message to participants in Activity Messenger

# Track Message Delivery, Open and Click Rates

Activity Messenger makes sure the SMS/email got delivered. We even track email open and click rates. Track exactly what each participant has received. Find out more...

Track Message Delivery, Open and Click Rates with Activity Messenger

# Zoom Classes

Activity Messenger lets you sell and run Zoom classes. Meetings are automatically created and sent by text message or email to participants before class. You can also run Zoom classes sold from Amilia.

It's integration with Amilia (registration software) and Zoom (for live classes) has saved us hours of time (and tears)!

Bronwen Manning
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Running a Zoom class with Activity Messenger

14-day Free Trial includes unlimited waivers/forms and 100 SMS messages or 10,000 emails.

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